August 7, 2017

A few 3D printing tips

It hasn't been long since I've started 3D printing, but I've found myself consistently using a few tricks that I'd like to share here.

Heatbed adhesion

While there are many discussions on what to use for plastic adhesion to the heatbed when 3D printing, we've found one very easy solution that we're always using now for the aluminium heatbed.
Here's a video of it:

July 10, 2017

Download models for 3D printing

I've shared the models for 3D printing I've made so far on my website.

The current list includes a radial servo assembly for holding 3 servo motors, a spindle for the 3D printer filament spool, and a set of parts to assemble a holder with a spring clamp and a ball joint.

I'll be adding more models to the list as they are made.

June 26, 2017

Things to check when assembling a 3D Printer kit

Having spent quite a lot of time and effort building our Baron 58 cockpit simulator, it was clear that next time it would be better to  have access to more automated techniques such as CNC and 3D printer.

Seeing some of 3D-printed parts that people used in their cockpit projects, as well as some other printed models, it seemed that 3D printing quality was not good enough for parts requiring visual accuracy without additional refinement.

At last, as 3D printers became more accessible, we have decided to buy one of the cheap Prusa-clone 3D printers. Having reviewed several similar models, we chose  FLSun i3 kit with aluminium frame available online at the price of $200.